Rectangle Custom Slime Stickers (20)

Rectangle Custom Slime Stickers (20)

Up to 2 names/doodles per sheet a perfect way to label different scents/flavors/other varieties of products! Learn how our process works in the "How to Order" tab below


Design it for me

Type up to 2 names/doodles per sheet and we'll draw and print your request!


I have a design

Type up to 2 names per sheet then email us your designs ( we will print your designs! ***designs must have a white background and include everything you want on the label (including text)

  • - 2.25 x 1.25 stickers

    - 20 rectnagular stickers per sheet (cut to fit into the packaging)

    - Clear glossy sticker

    - Up to 2 custom designs (10 stickers of each design)


    Be sure to upload your names/doodles!

    • If you do not submit names/doodles at the time of purchase, your order may be delayed.
    • Please allow up to 48 hours for "Design it for me" orders, after that normal shipping times will be applied