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Ice Cream Slime Labels (10-12)

Ice Cream Slime Labels (10-12)

These may take up to a week to design before they are shipped, thank you for your patience!


Submit a description of one slime and we'll draw your request by hand & create custom ice cream-esque labels that make your slimes look like actual pints of ice cream! It includes information about your unique slime as well as warning information about slime. Learn how our process works in the "How to Order" tab below


This listing is only for ice cream slimes. They will be designed in the same format as the example photo, with ice cream scoops in the middle, and texts on the side. If you want a label with a differnt layout, email us for full customization options

  • Large size

    • 2 inches tall, 4 inches wide (tested on 6oz containers in images)
    • 10 labels per sheet (cut to fit into the packaging)
    • White matte sticker

    Small size

    • 1.5 inches tall, 4 inches wide (tested on 8oz containers in images)
    • 12 labels per sheet (cut to fit into the packaging)
    • White matte sticker

    Text included on the label:

    WARNING Do not consume. Wash hands before and after use. Not suitable for children under the age of 3 years old.

    In case of stickiness add and mix in tiny amounts (drops) of activator at a time until it is not sticky anymore



    Glue           80%

    Activator       20%

    Love           100%


    (+your slime description)

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